Snooter is the dating app-style mobile platform re-imagining the way we adopt pets. By putting multiple local shelters in one place, potential pet parents fill out one adoption application. After that, they can filter, sort, and swipe through pet profiles posted by local shelters. Our streamlined profile management allows for local shelters to quickly and easily add animals and everything potential owners need to know: from breed to behavior type. Once adopters find a potential match, they can send in their application with the click of a button. Shelters can then choose to chat with promising adopters in the app, able to review their application anytime. Snooter also supports new pet owners through a podcast series focused on the ins and outs of pet ownership. Snooter supports shelters by donating partial revenue to shelters in need. With Snooter, adopters spend less time looking for what they want and filling out applications, while rescues get better-fit applicants and a streamlined pet profile process, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: the animals in their care. We are on track to have the application launched for testing with our shelter partners in Charlotte, and St. Louis in late Spring 2023 and are seeking investments to help fund our launch into app stores, applications for remaining trademarks, and build community engagement with shelters. With Snooter, we can help make pet adoption more streamlined, accessible, and beneficial to all. 

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