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Enable up-and-coming artists to promote and sell their work, learn in their discipline, and meet essential people in their industries.

The problem: Emerging artists in various fields like film, graphic design, and music don’t have the industry knowledge and platforms to showcase their work freely because the entertainment industry is controlled by business executives who choose “what sells.” However, an artwork’s beauty is determined by the beholder. Compounding this issue, many new artists struggle to promote their creations and monetize their talent effectively. Even when they gain some visibility, they are mostly not compensated fairly and appropriately.

The solution: We aim to create a platform and self-created streaming services for various media to give artists the freedom to control the work they publish. This platform allows artists (not business execs) to promote their work. Artists can be reviewed by industry experts, be connected to networking events, receive information and guidance about their work, and be able to put out their artwork for the world to see and not have a business exec greenlight it.

Overarching Goal: Make the entertainment industry more equitable for everyone.

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