Second Step (A NonProfit)

Hello, my name is Marvell Joiner and I made it….. What I am referring to is I’ve been in the foster care system  since the age of 2 and I have been emancipated ON MY OWN since the age of 16. Unfortunately many students didn’t make it. Only 38% of students in foster care go off to college. This fueled my passion for the last 4 years and why I have been working with nonprofits centering around helping Low income students and students in Child protective services. It has further motivated me to develop my company called second step. We are a Non-Profit that help students who are in child protective services. Our mission is to help them decide on postsecondary goals along with help in different areas like mental health and funding for school, food, clothes, and many other resources. Our mission is similar to Embarc and TasselTurn except we are built for the 21st century. Our platform differs from everyone else because we know In the future students will live in the digital ecosystem so we built a safe and engaging environment in the Metaverse. In addition We help all students in every zip code and that not only gives us an advantage but it also gives the best opportunities to our students, and gives the students access to more resources than just the ones in their community. Currently, we are building a prototype and we are working on customer discovery. We are looking for funding to help support our startup to build a life changing platform for our children. 

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