Robot FAN饭

Have you ever wanted to get Chinese food in the late night and had nowhere to go, because it is too late, and all the stores were closed? Especially after late night work or study, during finals? Or have you ever waited too long for your food during your lunch or short break to get your food and rush out to go back? Here’s Robot FAN饭. We open 24/7, all year long. Average processing time per order is 4 minutes. Besides all these amazing convenience points, we are selling tasty Chinese food!

All we need is just a 200 sq ft space, one employee (total of 3 employees for 24-hour shift) and two robots. There will be no seats and zero contacts.

When the customer comes to the store, the first robot will welcome the customer and help the customer to order and pay. The only one employee will receive the order and pass the food material to the second robot. Once done, the employee will put it on the counter and the customer will pick it up from there.

Our competitive advantages are low cost, fast order and reliability. Compared to Panda Express, we are faster, more tasty, cheaper, and open all year long. Compared to McDonald’s, we are tasty and sell Chinese food.

Are you ready to let robots take charge the world? We are coming!

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