In campuses and large tech firms, there’s a rising coffee demand. While home coffee machines are cost-effective, there’s untapped potential for outdoor beverage services. Meet RoBarista, the future of robot-supported mobile café experiences.

Key features:
On-Demand Service: Through a dedicated app or small screen on RoBarista, users can order beverages. Additionally, those nearby can summon and order by voice directly.

Outdoor Mobility: RoBarista offers premium coffee services and delivers to your hand no matter where you are. Ideal for institutional personnel or corporate staff preferring outdoor environments, it bridges the distance to indoor cafés.

Ambiance Enhancement: Understanding unpredictable weather, RoBarista comes equipped with a large umbrella, providing shade or rain protection. Psychologically, users may be more likely to purchase RoBarista’s services. Imagine sipping a warm Americano under RoBarista’s canopy during a drizzle.

Eco-Friendly Approach: Users are encouraged to use personal mugs. Recognizing the impracticality of carrying these outdoors, RoBarista offers both free biodegradable cups and purchasable reusable metal mugs.

Efficient Navigation: State-of-the-art sensors and algorithms empower RoBarista to adeptly avoid obstacles and navigate busy areas.

RoBarista isn’t just a robot; it’s an outdoor café revolution 😉

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