Riverbend Cannabis Hospitality B&B

Back in 2014, when Colorado’s Cannabis Industry was just getting off the ground, Colorado Tourism Office survey found that 48 percent of all tourism in the state of Colorado was cannabis-related. With Illinois passing recrelational use laws just 2 short years ago, Illinois now has the perfect opportunity to expand into the hospitality sector of the industry, but this time, we will do it better.

The Riverbend Bed and Breakfast will be a Bed and Breakfast where guests will get to experience top-notch hospitality service from infused chocolates on every pillow, every imaginable smoking aparatus available for use in your room, the option to have a CBD infused breakfast when you wake up, or THC cocktail at night. Foodies are always welcomed!

There is always a driver on site to take you to the local dispensary, or a massage thereapist to give infused massages, after yoga in the yard. Not only can guests come to enjoy a relaxing weekend, they can also book small parties. Social, corporate, and small weddings (Joint Unions) would all be welcomed!

Our lazy river town of Alton has the vibe, the history, and the attractions that would only be enhanced by adding cannabis tourism!

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