Sunglasses have always been a fact of life, but for people who need to wear prescription glasses, having a darkened pair and a regular pair is an expensive hassle. To solve this, a rapidly growing $6 billion industry has been formed that makes photochromic lenses, which are able to adjust their darkness level to how bright their surroundings are. However, they have two fatal flaws. First, upon going inside, they take up to 10 minutes to lighten up again, leaving the wearer to either attempt to see through their dark sunglasses while indoors or to try and see without glasses. Second, due to being activated by UV rays, the glasses do not darken when inside of a car, leading to a very unsafe experience. We have designed a cost-competitive solution to both of these problems, making the lenses both more usable when going indoors and safer in a car. We are a team of Mechanical and Computer Engineering/Science majors and are looking for help with the early-stage business side of things, including financial modeling and market analysis.

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