Resistance to Change Challenge

Resistance to Change – Is it real?

The army published a new field manual (FM 7-22) in October 202o called Holistic Health and Fitness. It outlines a new program where we focus on Soldiers in a holistic way which includes not only physical fitness, but also mental, spiritual, nutritional, and sleep fitness.

  • There is an assumption that Senior Leaders and Soldiers will resist this new guidance. It is already challenging to complete mandatory training requirements. Additionally, what can we really do on a drill weekend that will impact change the other 28 days of the month?
  • The Army Physical Fitness Test changed and the new Army Combat Fitness Test takes effect 1 April 2022.  There is an assumption that Soldiers hate it.
  • Mindfulness, yoga, and meditation are perceived as feminine, hippie, new age, weak – Not what strong tough Soldiers do.
  • Sleep is something that Soldiers brag about getting the least of, “sleep is a crutch,” “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”.
  • Challenge: Are these perceptions true? How can Holistic Health and Fitness be implemented in a way that decreases resistance?

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