Renewable Energy Fund

Problem: You’ve probably heard about greenwashing funds. According to experts in the field, over 60% of funds labeled ESG would receive a failing grade when held up to environmental standards.

Solution: Create the first USA fund that invests solely in renewable energy. A risk-free portfolio of real assets that are truly green while returning a fixed income to clients.

Market: Customer targets include financial institutions, corporation with ESG goals, pensions, and endowments.

Plan: Raise capital to buy an interest in renewable energy to secure cash flows and pass them along to the investors as returns.

Through experience in every stage of renewable energy across North and South America, we have developed an internal algorithm to assist with the selection of real assets that creates a risk-free portfolio and guarantees returns to our clients.


Discouraged investors are beginning to say you just can’t do well by doing good. We want to change that!


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