ReGear intends to bridge the gap between two consumers: those that want to participate in outdoor activities but don’t know how, and those who have participated in the past, but don’t have the time or energy to keep up with it.

With 5 years in the outdoor industry, I am intimately familiar with the fact that few people who want to get into an outdoor hobby know where to look for information, or how to purchase the gear required. For example, as a backpacking enthusiast, I can’t tell you much about rock climbing. In a similar vein, I am aware that some people don’t get to use the gear they do own as much as they like. I can probably name 10 or 15 people that have a kayak hanging in their garage that they haven’t used in 3 years or more.

We intend to build a community around the outdoors that will allow people to connect with others in their area, gain information about the hobbies they are interested in, and gain access to gear for their next adventure through an online marketplace.

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