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My target audience is a stylish, generally younger, individual that is conscious of the environment. This person may be already established as an eco-friendly shopper, or just dipping their toes into the world of sustainable fashion. Refresh by Blema has a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit any person that would like to buy clothing that is made with the environment and a social initiative in mind. 

The problem being solved is the issue of sustainable clothing being either overpriced or basic. Refresh by Blema provides a unique and inexpensive alternative to other sustainable fashion businesses. My competition consists of other people selling sustainable clothing for a less expensive price point. However, everything I sell is custom and one of a kind which sets me apart from the competition.

I market my business through social media. I have had a lot of success on social media with thousands of followers and hundreds of thousands of views across all my platforms. My marketing is very based on visuals, with aesthetically pleasing photos and videos to help sell my clothing. My strategy for pricing is to take into account the amount of money I spent on materials, and how much of it would go to charity. 

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