A large proportion of research studies today are conducted using secondary data wherein large datasets are acquired from both private and public entities. Conducting research is a time taking process which is marred by regulations and bureaucracy. During this long process, your data exchanges hands many times, and each time, the owner of the data acquires profits from it. But you don’t. R-Tokens promises to return the autonomy and ownership of collected data back in the hands of the subjects that they were taken from. Based on blockchain technology, R-Tokens creates an environment that incentivizes safe and fair data sharing practices directly between researchers and subjects. Subjects have the autonomy of choosing who they want to sell their data to and every time their data is used in a study, they will be compensated for it.

The revolution brought upon by blockchain technology was initially advertised as a very viable option to improve wealth equity. However, the population that this technology would be most beneficial to is the very population that is ironically, the least aware of its potential. R-Tokens will form the first bridge between this technology and the underrepresented and marginalized sectors of society that lay on the bottom end of the wealth gap. One of the main goals of R-Tokens is to provide an additional and novel method of wealth generation amongst these sectors of society which will ultimately help to reduce the average wealth gap.

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