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With the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2021, there have been many restrictions imposed on women and girls and economic hardship for many families. Currently, girls older than 10 years are not allowed to go to school. In addition, many schools have closed due to a lack of funding or students. Even schools that are open don’t have many students because the difficult economic conditions cause many school-age boys to work to feed their families. While there have been many protests inside Afghanistan and the Taliban faces international pressure to allow girls to be educated, it is likely that this situation will not change in the near future.

To help provide access to education in Afghanistan, I have started working on a project to create something akin to the “Khan Academy”, an online program with academic classes in English, in the two official languages of Afghanistan: Pashto and Dari. I am in contact with teachers from Afghanistan to create classes in x,y, and z. My goal is to make these classes accessible throughout Afghanistan, even in rural areas where people don’t have access to the internet, by having the classes available both online and on CDs.

This project can help save an entire generation of students from falling behind and becoming victims of a cruel regime. Moreover, this project can also help refugees from Afghanistan in the US and other countries who are having difficulty with subjects in school because of language difficulties in their new countries.

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