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There are numerous standardized tests like the ACT, SAT and others that cater to college entrance exams by providing standard programs to test student capabilities. There lies an immense opportunity in customizing the content, delivery and experience for the students that not only captures the standard test modules but also helps students in strengthening their core academic concepts.

 I am planning to create a web app with a friendly user interface that builds a personalized studying plan for high school students. As the user practices on the web app, their personalized studying plan updates. Also, the studying plan will be built on the students’ preferred time committed and timeline to their next testing examination.

There would be a lot of additional features such as offering college, scholarships, and career recommendations. As we know, a four-year university is not a fit for every high school graduate, so my web app will include guidance for students looking to pursue an alternative educational path while also connecting them with funding/scholarship resources.

From running Prep Stars for the past 6+ years, helping underserved and Black high school students increase their standardized test scores so they can meet the benchmark for ivy universities and counseling them on applying for scholarships, my college counseling app will automate my current business so that my program can reach more students.

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