Dating apps are a mess. They have become a cesspit of blurry selfies, shirtless pictures, and countless photos of guys holding up fish. When you finally find someone interesting, their profile is often incomplete. And the worst part? You have to go it alone with no one to help you.

Pool reinvents online dating as a social activity for singles to get help from their friends. Single users designate “Lifeguards” to help create a curated “Pool” of potential matches.

51M Americans used a dating app in 2022. Pool doubles the potential market by allowing friends and family, whether single or in a relationship, to help find matches for single users.

Pool creates value through a freemium model. We are seeking investments to turn our prototype into an MVP, as well as developers and advisors to ensure we become the best dating app on the market.

Pool is a women-founded venture whose team prides ourselves in our diversity and experience in technology, design, and analytics.

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