PolicyForMe translates the newest laws using AI to be accurate and accessible to the average American.

Users sign up to receive messages weekly or monthly. PolicyForMe sends messages via users’ preferred communication (DMs, texts, email). Messages breakdown new laws in state and national congress. Users receive questions about how they feel about a new law. Breakdowns are made with GPT3, a program created by OpenAI.

PolicyForMe is built for activists and 15 million college students who want to stay updated without paying for a service. We’re aimed at students, but it’s a service for anybody who wants to understand what new laws are about.

PolicyForMe sells ads and placements for related news articles. Users can subscribe to remove ads. People would happily pay for this service–newsletter services such as Substack and Medium have +1 million paid subscribers and +60 million monthly readers. Responses to PolicyForMe questions can be sold to groups who want a unique insight.

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