Consumers have many preferences, from wanting to shop online to supporting small businesses to optimizing efficiency to becoming close with brands. Given the modern landscape of shopping, it is almost impossible to satisfy all these desires. Amazon lets customers shop online and optimizes efficiency but removes the personality of individual brands. Brick-and-mortar stores can support individual brands and small businesses but are not as efficient as shopping online.

Imagine a platform that allowed customers to shop online, where each storefront is uniquely designed and branded, similar to a shopping mall. Imagine a place where checking out was as easy as clicking a button, and where responsible consumers did not need to choose between their conscious and their wallet. That is the vision that Pluto has set out to realize. 

We seek to build something entirely new and disrupt the standard way of doing online shopping. 

Borrowing from the Thrasio model of acquiring Amazon FBA sellers, we set out to find white space where we could replicate their success at lower valuations and higher returns with less competition: Shopify. The Shopify ecosystem has generated a plethora of small stores that are ripe for a roll-up strategy. We use our collective skills to target stores that have opportunities for scale, fit within our vision in our initial niche (health and fitness), and have the right founders motivated to sell for the right reasons.

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