Sports gambling is an $83 billion industry exploding in size as gambling is legalized across the country. Despite this, twice as many people place bets between friends than on platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel. In 2021 alone, DraftKings spent an average of $371 per person trying to acquire these bettors, but they failed to address the core disconnect between betting platforms and sports fans:

Sports viewership is communal, but traditional sportsbooks are not.
TossUp is built with this in mind.
On TossUp, players create and join leagues, where they compete directly against either friends or random users. Each day, players are presented with five bets, and swipe either left or right to place their bet, swiping up on the bet they are most confident in as their “super bet”. Players receive points if the bet they selected is correct, and double points if their super bet is correct. Players are ranked based on the points they receive, and a winner is crowned at the end of each week.
Each day’s five bets are universal per sport, meaning that on a given day, all players see the same bets. This allows users to directly compare their performance with that of their friends and enhances TossUp’s competitive atmosphere.

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