Paws Crossed for a Match

Nearly 6.3 million strays enter shelters annually in the United States. Nearly one million shelter pets are euthanized each year. Studies have proven that the most efficient way to reduce the euthanization rate is through transportation. While there is an overpopulation of strays in some states (primarily the south), there is also an underpopulation in others (Massachusetts, Minnesota, etc.). The primary resource for rescues to see shelter pets and pull them is Facebook. However, the resource is inefficient because Facebook is not marketed towards rescues. Rescues across the nation will be able to use Paws Crossed as a much need resource to help facilitate relocation of shelter animals. Paws Crossed would essentially work as a dating app. Rescues could view pets and their information (breed, age, veterinary records, child-friendly, pet-friendly, etc.) in the database and then choose to match with that particular animal. Once a match has been made, the animal will then be transported to the other rescue, giving them second chance to find a home. Transportation will be provided through either a third party, the rescues themselves, or trained volunteers who are willing to transport the dogs on their own time. Optimally, we think a partnership with Subaru would be beneficial, given the work they have already put into helping rescues with their Subura Loves Pets campaign.

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