Passage: An Innovative Way to Learn

The goal of passage is to transform the educational experience for students from under-privileged backgrounds. Students from non-privileged backgrounds lack access to resources or mentors. In addition, many of these students struggle to connect their required coursework (such as calculus or biology) to non-typical career fields or solutions to real world problems. With the advancement of technology, millions of jobs are expected to be created within the next decade, which means Gen-Z members will be entering the work force to a plethora of new jobs that they didn’t know existed while they were in school. Passage seeks to close this gap and build innovative & interdisciplinary thinkers starting from high school.

Our platform will consist of an online website and an app where students can start with a subject area (math, science, social science, economics, etc) and be linked to articles and videos that explain applications to real world issues or careers). Students will also have the option to schedule a 30-minute virtual “coffee chat” with ordinary professionals, scientists, and innovators in different fields. Passage also seeks to send guest speakers to underprivileged high schools for exposure and host a national pitch competition where students can apply the concepts they’ve learned to a project (start up, technology, scientific discovery, solutions to social issues, etc) they can present for a chance to win college scholarship money or investments.

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