The entire retail industry is centered on one word – more. More product, more often. And for what? Today, all stakeholders are losing – women, brands, and the environment.

  • Women wear 20% of their closets, 80% of the time, wasting time and money sifting through endless racks of clothing…
  • …Yet brands are producing double what they did 20 years ago…
  • All the while, the environment suffers, with 40M+ tons of textile waste added to landfills each year.

At Pareto, we’re challenging the need for more. We are a direct-to-consumer, women’s apparel brand that makes the best version of the clothing you actually wear.

We obsess over identifying the pieces that should be in the core of every woman’s closet – the pieces she’ll reach for day after day, year after year, no matter the trends of the season – and then, one piece at a time, we perfect every detail of each piece, ensuring they fit well, are versatile, will last for years, and are good for our people and planet. We only launch 4-6 new products per year, each of which is permanent in our collection and coveted by our community of loyal women.

All of this is made possible by our fully domestic, 100% traceable farm-to-closet supply chain. We work directly with every hand that touches each piece, allowing us to make the best product quality decisions and the most responsible decisions for our people and planet. Help us show the world the power of fewer, more purposeful!

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