Pareto was born from a simple principle: Women wear 20% of their closets, 80% of the time. Despite this desire for simplicity, retail brands are centered on more product, more often. As a result, getting dressed is unnecessarily complicated.

We do this by bringing together a physical AND digital offering. We make the best version of core wardrobe essentials using our fully traceable, farm-to-closet supply chain. We work directly with every hand that touches our product, starting with the cotton farm, allowing us to make the best quality decisions at every stage. We then make getting dressed in the morning a breeze with personalized styling “recipes” (i.e., inspiration) based on the Pareto pieces you own.

We’ve done $80K in sales (fully bootstrapped, $0 spent on paid marketing), 30% of our customers have made 2+ purchases in the last year, and we have a 5% return rate. We are raising $300K in SAFE notes at a $4M post-money valuation cap (with 90% of the round committed).

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