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Car enthusiasts buy/sell more than 1500 cars in a day in the U.S. alone, and every transaction involves the seller giving the buyer a hefty and decades old folder full of vital service receipts and records.
Those records make cars hold value, keep warranty policies valid, and help with future jobs. However, kept in print, the important records are easy to be lost or damaged, hard to share with others, and difficult to organize.
To solve this problem, I made an app to help every car enthusiast safekeep, manage, present, and transfer all records of their cars. The app saves all records and associated images and information to the cloud, and lets users organize, manage, present, and share records in a few taps. The app is like Evernote, but specifically designed for gearheads of all disciplines – cars, bikes, boats, ATV’s, bicycles, etc.
Finally, the app makes money by selling premium subscriptions that give privileges like more cars able to be saved, more cars able to be transferred in for free, more devices that can access the records, and other perks. During each transfer, the sellers and buyers are also asked to “tip the bookkeeper”.
The app’s MVP is just about finished. There is an ongoing poll to study the market, and the overwhelming majority responded to my liking: they think keeping records is important; they use paper to keep records; they are more than likely to use the app I propose.

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