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Papertrail brings the enthusiast car market into the 21st century. The majority of valuable vehicle records are still kept with stacks of paper, stray pictures, and loose emails. Because of this, records become easy to lose, difficult to access, and awkward to present and transfer to prospective buyers.

Papertrail is a recordkeeping platform that empowers dealerships and enthusiasts to preserve and protect the value of their cars.

With Papertrail, users can instantly digitize all of their fragmented sources of records using our AI-powered scanning tools, and then update, track, and present the history of the car when needed. This way, the valuable history of your car is protected and easily added to during future work.

With us, all sellers can make more sales, at higher prices, all the while saving valuable time and money. With our app launched on both iOS and Android, and a partnership with a local St. Louis exotic dealership, Papertrail has already begun to impact the community we love.

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