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In the Chicagoland area, over 1,000,000 adults have low basic literacy skills, and 77% of Chicago Public School 8th graders do not read at a proficient level. In order to impact those figures and help those in need of books, Our Future Reads was founded to promote literacy by connecting curious readers with books that interest them. At Our Future Reads, we take in donated books and make personalized book donations to the members of other non-profit agencies. Through our carefully crafted surveys, the members request specific genres of books and Our Future Reads fulfills those requests with our inventory of books. These personalized donations create a higher likelihood that the books will be read, shared within their families, and ultimately added to the recipients’ personal library collection. We not only provide books for children, but also for adult readers that want to satisfy their interests and curiosity. Adult readers are often overlooked, yet are an integral part of society and their children’s success in becoming avid readers and expanding their knowledge. When individuals read for fun and families read together, they disassociate reading from school and hard work. Our donations truly create lasting sparks of curiosity for years to come. Our Future Reads serves those that may not have the means to buy every book on the shelf but still would love to read them. Let the curious be curious!

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