My office is at 4245 Forrest Park Ave, directly across from Cortex.

If I want to rent a one-family apartment in walking distance, entry cost is around $1,200. For that price, I can rent a home that is between 900 and 1,200 square feet, containing:

  1. A kitchen for cooking
  2. A dining room for eating
  3. A bedroom for sleeping
  4. A bathroom for bathing
  5. A den for the home office
  6. A garage for the car

If you want to move from one function to another, you have to walk from one room to the other.

But instead of changing rooms, we can literally change the room.

Take that same 900 square foot apartment and install 3 One.rooms. Rent them each for $700/month. Suddenly, my cost of entry is reduced by $500, while the developer’s operating revenue nearly doubles, at $2,100.

The future of housing will evolve with self-driving cars. With, my car can go get my bed when it’s time to sleep, my table when it’s time to eat, and my desk when it’s time to work. Install a development at 4221 Forrest Park Ave, and add it to the Cortex family. It adds another block to the business incubator without any expense to the developer, and it makese ideal site for One.room_Skunk.worx.Behavioral.Surplus.Capture_Max.1 

Proof of concept is one piece of robotic furniture, One.desk, that follows me around with my Kaban boards, screens, keyboards, post its. It’s my stuff, where I put it, following me through my day, powered by something as simple as Rasberry Pi.



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