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Since the internet disruption, there has been a lot of innovation across different industries. One industry that has not received much attention and has a growing trend is the Senior/old generation. Almost all innovations are related to MedCare, but what about the empowered senior generation? They want to continue being active, informed and using their free time over this new stage of life.

OldAbuzz is a platform that aggregates information directed to senior/old people, from recreation activities to medical or rest-home services provided by different interlocutors.

As a user, being an active senior person or the son/daughter of your parents, you will be able to identify all kinds of activities and services provided in your area or the area that you prefer to request.

ONG’s, medical providers and other associations can publish their services in the portal through an admin user. This is one of the main sources of revenue. Another source of revenue will be an advertisement.

Additional features are blogs related to each activity in which users can participate, make recommendations and interact.

Users will have their own profile created by OldAbuzz or linked to Facebook in order to interact in the platform.

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