Nutrition Matters

According to Researcher Alex G. Schauss, improper nutrition “can convert a normal thinking brain into a criminal mind”, as data suggests in his book “Diet Crime and Delinquency”.  During the Summer of 2021, I operated RICH Food 4 Teens, a  Resilience and Nutrition initiative in the Walnut Park and Penrose Community’s. I discovered a great need within each, which extends beyond the normal vegetable and non-perishable items retrievable from a specified pick-up location.  I discovered an opportunity for community revitalization beginning with addressing the mental health barriers and improper diet experienced by youth residing in the community.  While the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports alarming statistics such as a 466% increase in violent crime in 2021 in the Penrose neighborhood, I have identified viable solutions for community restoration.  Through the RICH Food 4 Teens Vending Van, I seek to provide an innovative curriculum, in addition to nutritious meals for participating youth.  This project will be utilized to begin building a sustainable economic ecosystem for underserved youth in the area by providing under represented youth an opportunity to share and gain support for their unique ideas.

The RICH Food 4 Teens Vending Van will also address mental health barriers through a researched based approach, in an effort to reduce criminal activity, such as “survival crimes”.

 Nutrition, Mental Health, and Economic Development for Youth is OUR goal!

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