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You tell a flower “I love you it” it grows.  You tell a flower “I hate you” it shrivels. It’s the same with people. Words are powerful. Coming out of the Korean military, I learned how important words are to one’s psyche. During my service there was inexplicable cruelty, abuse, verbal harassment towards the weaker soldiers in the barracks.  Everyday they heard, “commit suicide,” “cut yourself,” “die.” Once I told the bullies to “stop,” the target changed to me; and the subject of those words quickly changed to me.  And although I wrote on my journal “those words aren’t true,” one day I found myself doubting my own hand as I wrote that sentence.

Words are powerful. Now that I’m out, I wish to help others who’re weighed down by words of negativity. Nuri Alarm is an app where simply friends can share compliments to one another. Rarely do we have a platform strictly focused on sharing positivity to each other. With Nuri Alarm, you can set your morning alarm like usual, and by that time you wake up, you will have a compliment ready for you from a friend. How do you turn the alarm off? Simply say the compliment out loud. 1.Not only do you wake your brain up by reading the compliment but get your daily dose of positivity.

Words are powerful. Nuri Alarm-as simple as it sounds-is a powerful platform. I truly believe Nuri Alarm can save someone’s life. After all, you will be surprised by how many people just need a “good morning :)” to decide today is a day worth waking up to.

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