You tell a flower “I love you it” it grows.  You tell a flower “I hate you” it shrivels. It’s the same with people. Words are powerful. Coming out of the Korean military, I learned how important words are to one’s psyche. During my service there was inexplicable cruelty, abuse, verbal harassment towards the weaker soldiers in the barracks. 

Words are powerful. Now that I’m out, my cofounder and I wish to help others who’re weighed down by words of negativity. Nuri is an app where simply friends can share compliments to one another. With Nuri you can send, receive, and repeat compliments. We have gamified this process by rewarding users in-app gifts every-time they repeat a compliment out loud; this will encourage users to embrace compliments even if they may not believe them at first.

Words are powerful. Named after my bichon frise, Nuri in Korean means “all is well”. Just like how he would remind me that all is well whenever I hug him, we hope this app can do the same for you.

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