Real estate investment is illiquid and historically has a lower return than the S&P500. Not anymore! OwnHome, a new investment platform, targets accredited investors to purchase homes outright and convert them into high-returning short-term rentals.

With an average 15% ROI on short-term rental, OwnHome empowers investors to leave the S&P and other traditional investment options behind. OwnHome leverages investors’ capital to eliminate bank interest payments. At the same time, OwnHome upgrades the investment properties and converts them to short-term rentals, squeezing out more revenue on the property management side.

The $2.75 trillion (that’s not a typo, that’s trillion with a ‘t’) US real estate investment market is currently growing at an approximate 8.6% CAGR. And with help from investors, the OwnHome team of MBAs and Engineers can combine the perfect blend of business and quant skills to bring this idea to life.

So join us in welcoming the future of real estate investing!

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