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Nearly 100 million Americans went on vacation in 2019, accounting for 1.9 billion people-nights at hotels, airbnbs, and other lodgings. Nixon Homes targets high-revenue, high-occupancy, and low-competition regions of the country and franchises with local hosts. After the host signs on, Nixon Homes will upgrade select kitchen accessories and other details, and implement consistency across all spices and general supplies.

First, we will buy a home in a desirable area for a Nixon Homes area manager to reside. That home will be ‘Nixonized’ and listed on Airbnb (it will never be ‘available’ to rent, just a shell account). The area manager will use this upgraded home to sell our services to 13-15 homes in their area. They will manage guest communications, cleaning and maintenance needs, and marketing and pricing for each property. This ‘boots on the ground’ presence will be valuable to guests and hosts alike, as the area manager will be accessible.

We are targeting slightly larger homes, with a capacity for 5-8 guests. These are optimal because this size house is at the cross-section of high-revenue generation and low-cleaning and upkeep costs. Each home is projected to generate $26/occupied night in profit after turnover expenses — about $6,500 per house per year.

Our primary needs are concerning further customer discovery, website buildout, product testing, and legal support.

Don’t risk your vacation — stay at a Nixon Home, where vacation mode is always on.

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