The name of my company, N.A.S.H, which stands for Natural Aesthetics for Skin & Hair, will be a cosmetic line for the hair and skin. My objective is to provide black little boys and girls with the necessities to meet their hair needs, much like Mielle products do. I’ll give them face/hair washes, moisturizers, and essential oils made from natural and organic materials. I want to improve the self-esteem of all black people, whether it be in relation to their hair, skincare, or other needs. Most individuals, like me, struggle to find the best products for their own needs. For instance, my hair type and how my skin responds to particular drugs are crucial. As a result, they may get all they need from NASH in a single location and will also find items tailored to meet their particular needs. We compete in the growing cosmetic market, which last year was a $262.43 value market. Currently we have focus groups and surveys. 

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