Nowadays, people without professional training in music have the incentives to create music of their own. But many music production apps are not user-friendly to music amateurs. There aren’t apps in the market that can help people capture what they hum and turn their musical ideas into reality. Similar apps in the market either only help tune people’s singing or are professional music production apps. We hope to bridge this gap and put out an app that can capture the pitches and tempos of people’s humming and transpose it to professional music language that can be exported and edited.

Through pitch and tempo visualization and real-time processing and recording, Musikey will capture users’ humming and synthesize a staff that can be exported as a MusicXML file, which is compatible with other music production softwares. Users will be able to visualize the pitches and tempos of their humming in musical notation and make further edits. Musikey will help eliminate the barriers of music production for music amateurs and people with music agnosia, helping them realize their full potential.

We have gone through user research, analysis, ideation, and prototyping. We have written code that implements part of the envisioned features. Here’s the link to github repo:

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