MultiFlex neurovascular catheter

Neurovascular surgery utilizes endovascular catheters to access the brain and treat diseases such as stroke and aneurysm. There are two kinds of catheters that a surgeon may use – Guide Catheters and Sheaths. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Guide catheters are relatively floppy. As such, they have great mobility, but they do not confer the necessary stability for a surgeon to coil an aneurysm or treat a stroke. Conversely, sheaths are relatively stiff and very stable. However, because they are so stiff, it is difficult to place a sheath in the desired location.

The MultiFlex catheter combines the best of both worlds by changing its stiffness profile, on demand, according to the needs of a surgeon.

Our team has filed a provisional patent on the technology, developed prototypes with Nordson Medical, and conducted preliminary animal studies using those prototypes. We are eager to commercialize our technology, and we hope to learn a lot by participating in this competition.

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