Momint is a Play To Earn fantasy Esports game built on the blockchain.

A play-to-earn game is a type of game where players can compete against each other or against themselves to earn points or other items. The largest way that these types of games differ from traditional video games is that the “points” and the “items” that are won have real-world value. So by playing the game, people can earn money, or even make a living if they are successful enough.

Momint will be combining this concept with fantasy esports (think ESPN fantasy football, but for League of Legends). Users will be able to buy and collect NFT trading cards of their favorite gaming athletes. These trading cards can then be used in a fantasy game, where users will compete for head to head against players all around the world to earn a high score by setting the best possible starting roster. The winner will earn a token that can be sold at a decentralized marketplace or used in the game to buy more cards.

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