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Birthdays anniversary and special occasions are all days we want to cherish and celebrate. What better way to enjoy than spreading the love by gifts for other. MK Candleshop allows you to do just that! We started around nov during Diwali a festival known for lights. During Diwali friends and family gift each other sweets and candles as wav to represent the light for the future.

In the beg. We made aromatherapy candles but we soon realized we needed to stand out. While brainstorming ideas, a friend of ours was celebrating her one year anniversary, and wanted a unique gift for her partner. She then reached out to us, for some ideas and thats when the flame ignited, bringing us the perfect candle. A hidden message candle! The candle appears to be a plain candle but after a minute of burning it soon reveals a message. Our bestsellers are I love you, happy birthday, and BOO a halloween candle
Not only was this a unique idea but it also creates a memorable experience to the receiver.

As time goes on MK Candleshop wants to expand to all things scented, so far we have candles, both plain
scented and custom messages, wax melts and our newest addition Car freshners and diffusers. Our goal for the future is to have a studio space mass produce and brick and motor store allowing everyone to celebrating with us!

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