Minimally Invasive Surgical Device for Prostate Enlargement

More than half of men over 50 suffer from urinary problems and reduced quality of life due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate enlargement that blocks the urine flow. This translates to 40 million patients in the US, 500 million patients worldwide, and a $34 billion global BPH treatment market.

Medications need to be taken daily for years and can cause side effects such as retrograde ejaculation or dizziness, so some patients stop taking medications. Invasive surgeries that remove parts of the prostate can have severe complications related to sexual function and bleeding, while recent minimally invasive surgeries can be expensive for the patients and difficult for the surgeons.

Our minimally invasive surgical device will provide a rapid and permanent relief of BPH symptoms without complications. We have made 1x-scale prototypes to conduct feasibility and validation tests with our clinical advisor.

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