Mills Paving and Road Management

One issues with local government is the management of road conditions. Saint Louis City and its surrounding suburbs have terrible roads. I know this because I am a resident of the suburbs. It seems like every turn and detour I take I run into this issue. I’m looking to resolve this. I believe we have the funds just not the manpower or management to resolve our road conditions. That is where Mills Paving and Road Management comes in. Mills Paving and Road Management is a one stop show for road maintenance. We survey all the roads within the contracted district as well as repave and fix any issues we find. While doing so we also manage detours and reroutes that will be needed because of the work were doing. We will work with local and city governments to find the times when the least number of drivers are on the roads in order to maximize benefits to drivers while also providing drivers on the road at the time of the reconstruction the quickest and most efficient detour. We will contract with cities and those cities who we are contracted with will receive full road management and paving. We will be paid a monthly fee for road management. In addition to the monthly road management fee, we will also be paid on a job-by-job basis. The people of Saint Louis City and its surrounding suburbs spend a lot of money on their cars, and they deserve the most bang for their buck. Mills paving and road management will provide extended car life as well as a more enjoyable driving experience.

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