Today ~80% (~1.2M providers) of healthcare professionals in Latin America rely primarily on manual processes to run their practices. The lack of digitization creates several administrative inefficiencies as well as poor patient outcomes. For example, it is estimated that doctors in this region spend 40% of their time in administrative and manual processes. Additionally,~80% of the population lacks access to their electronic medical records, which leads to underdiagnosis and poor patient outcomes. MiDoc is helping solve this problem by offering a cloud-based practice management system that digitizes the whole patient journey from appointment creation to prescription refills as well as digitizing securely their medical records. MiDoc is composed of a multidisciplinary team with experience in medical research, fintech, and SaaS and is looking for mentors in the areas of insurance reimbursement and HIPAA compliance. Our end goal is to revolutionize and modernize the healthcare experience in Latin America, a market projected to grow to $600B by 2030.

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