Meta Realtyverse


Started in 2021

WashU alumnus

  • Co-Founders with an aggregate real estate investment experience of 12 yrs
  • More than 1200+ service partnerships in place inclusive of BPO Agents, Contractors, Structural engineers, Attorneys, Lenders and Demolition crew.


  • Innovation in web 3.0 i.e. metaverse trading
  • Attract non-experienced investors to real estate investments
  • Secure, safe and in-expensive
  • Need for quicker funds dispersal and closing

Secret Sauce:

  • Secure crypto payment processing
  • Network of 1200+ professionals to support investors
  • Pre-evaluation of each every property on the network with validated financials that the user can trust
  • Off-market listing support
  • Real time contract execution on block chain
  • Lender pre-approval and online property transfer
  • No sign-up fees
  • Low Realtor Commission

Revenue Stream:

  • Purchase / Sale of property
  • Financial transactions across the entire platform
  • Service referral fee with our service partners

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