Memory Keepers

Memory Keepers provides support for people impacted by memory loss. We do this through three main services.

  1. A Memory Keepers classes:  An evidence-based non-pharmacological intervention for people with dementia, providing mental stimulation, social engagement and peer support. These are weekly virtual sessions, either with a group or one-on-one.
  2. Support for families and care partners: Caregiver support groups, and one-on-one caregiver coaching.
  3. “Helping the Helpers” program: Memory Keepers classes are also offered as a turn-key, easy-to-facilitate program available online. This allows our classes to have a wider reach, being delivered by caregivers, home healthcare workers, adult day centers, therapists, social workers, or family members. For family caregivers, it offers stimulating activities and positive interaction with their loved one. For those in the healthcare field, it would add value to the services they provide and support their staff.

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