Matthew Forman’s Music Studio

Matthew Forman’s Music Studios is a website/business that provides virtual private music lessons to students of all ages and for any common instrument. All booking and inquiries take place through the website and the hourly rates for lessons are between $30-$60 per hour (30, 45, 60, and 90 min lessons are available in addition to free 15-minute trial lessons). All of the teachers will be private and independent teachers who have extraordinary musical talent and plenty of qualifications. The majority of teachers will be WashU students, and all teachers will be college students. Each instrument/teacher will have its/their own page on the website complete with a bio, teaching philosophy, and curriculum. For teachers who partner with me and this website, they will make 80% of the money that is charged for their lessons, and the other 20% will go to me for marketing, expansion, development etc. The benefits for teachers are that it gives undergraduate students an opportunity to have a flexible work schedule that pays between $24-$48 per hour, and advertising is provided as part of working with my company. What makes this company unique is that it is a small “barbershop” model business that allows families to give private music lessons to their children without the hassle and expense of driving back and forth for music lessons. Additionally, it gives the benefit of getting reputable teachers from an in-person studio except without the “in-person” part.

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