Our platform is committed to developing a centralized ride request platform that allows riders to book one-way or two-way rides, and drivers will have more control to set discounted fares favorable to local market conditions. We believe there should be no limitations on territories drivers can cover or the income they can make.

In the current ridesharing industry, corporate bosses control almost the largest share of the generated revenue. This means that car owners cannot make the maximum money possible as drivers unless they work for big Silicon Valley corporations.

Our answer is that drivers are the ones who deserve to make the most money in the ridesharing business, as they are the ones who take the big risks, deal with customers, and maintain their vehicles daily. Therefore, our platform will correct this injustice by giving drivers more control over their earnings. Vehicle owners will now become a family of drivers, not just trying to make a living but serving the community through driving. Anyone who qualifies will be given the same opportunity to perform at the maximum of their ability. Whilst delivering quality service to the riders at a discounted rate.



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