M.A.R.C.H. Minority Ancestral Restoration Coalition for Healing

I want to create a place where minorities have the opportunity to be introduced to their regional and geographical ancestor data at no cost in attempts to enlighten and educate them of their ancestral lineage, culture, and traditions and provide a higher awareness of self to minorities who have never recived an oral history of the family origin mostly due to the enslavement of our most recent ancestors. My hope is that with this information M.A.R.C.H. can bring forth a since of pride and restore the connection to their place of ancestral origin for minorities who are only aware of their family history back just few generations and for most that history does not go back to the time before the days of slavery. My goal is to help decrease violence amongst minorities and bring more peace into the equation, where there is seemingly so much self hate and to bring love and connectivity back to the table. If we can establish a common ground as others do based on knowing the origin of their families then maybe we can become better in our dealings with one another as well gain more insight to the strengths that our ancestors embodied and draw on that as a source of healing the wounds of the past. If we never receive reparations at best we can restore the broken connection to our past and receive the reward of healing as a community and that to me is priceless therefore this service and education should be provided to minorities at no cost to them.

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