Loved by Nature

Loved by Nature produces 100% organic and gender-neutral products to keep you and our world looking simply radiant. The primary problems we intend on tackling start with you. To ensure we satisfied customer needs like inclusivity, reliability, and ingredient transparency, our lotions and sugar scrubs have gone through 4 rounds of testing where we distributed samples and adjusted our products based on reviews until we reached perfection. The Loved By Nature Customer wants to access these efficient products, and also make a difference. Which is why our brand is 100% organic. While other cosmetics contain the same dangerous chemical contributing to carbon emissions, animal endangerment, pollution and more. Now is the time for a skincare company to thrive: The global natural skin care market was valued at 6.7 billion US dollars in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 6.6% in the next 7 years. The recent Covid-19 outbreak disrupted production as well as sales of beauty and personal care products due to social distancing and stay-home policies. There is growing consumer awareness of the benefits of natural products, as well as rising environmental concerns, which are likely to increase product demand in the upcoming years. We have reached our target market through Instagram and Pinterest ads, TikTok, and word of mouth in our communities. We plan to expand Loved by Nature through influencer partnerships and acceptance to local entrepreneur groups. 

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