Louie’s Pizzeria

My micro-restaurant idea starred when I was furloughed in March of 2020. I began to make pizza which I sold curbside at my house for 7 months. I started making roughly 10 pizzas a week which quickly escalated to 150 pizzas a week with a 6 week waiting list that reached over 600 people. In this venture I realized that not only pizza but many simple street foods can be prepared and served in extremely small spaces at an elevated level. This lead me to work on kitchen designs which highlight “kitchen flow” for a speedy and functional process that allows you to serve in volume with less staff while also cutting energy costs. This concept also allows me to pay better wages to employees where those costs otherwise would be going to pointless bills. Ultimately, better wages would attract a higher caliber staff to ensure a quality work team. All in all energy costs would be cut by 25-30% and payroll by 15%-20% while increasing workers wages by 25%-40%.

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