My mission is to encourage teenage expression by helping teens create something unique to them and builds self-confidence. Growing up as a minority in Missouri, I faced various challenges involving self-confidence and I wanted to open up a solution to all teenage girls who are going through similar struggles but feel like they have no creative outlet to resort to.

With Kootote, I can paint and create bags for clients who need that ‘boost’ and reassurance in their life. Each customer will commission a design by giving an idea, reference picture, or aesthetic, and my job to make their vision a reality! A single tote bag can make a teenager feel unique and confident, especially when they were apart of the creation process. In our current generation, we constantly see teenagers so eager to find ways to stand out and express themselves in society but struggle in doing so; as an artist, I am going to take this opportunity to share my talents and help promote self-expression with Kootote!

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