Kairos: Streamlining Anesthesia Medication Documentation

Anesthesiologists administer multiple IV medications during surgery and often rely on memory to document the timing of these drugs. This increases documentation errors, decreasing patient safety in the OR and attributing to major preventable costs and consequences. There is a need for a reliable time recording method for anesthesia medication administration and induction time that improves patient outcomes.

Kairos utilizes a stopwatch-like system to provide reliable time keeping. The device will attach to a tray which will organize medications and stabilize the IV port for drug administration. When anesthesiologists administer various key medications and begin anesthesia, they can press the button that corresponds to the category of drug they are administering, and this will create a saved timestamp. The anesthesiologist can refer to the device for an accurate record of when they gave which medication and can detach the device from the tray for easy recording into the computer.

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