We are the connecting dots between your used gadgets and the Value for it, creating a platform that both sips revenue from both b2b and b2c. We have a platform that gives people the opportunity to turn in their used gadgets. Giving people ultimate value for fully depreciated or used items. We have two arms to this business. The individuals and the corporations who are willing to dispose off. We are also creating a platform where people feel safe to come and buy dream gadgets at an incredibly good price and with a good life span. We also have a giving arm to our business models where we give out laptops to children and tech beaming youths in Africa so that they can achieve their dreams . We also source laptops from the US and Europe and ship to Africa. We supply to firms who would rather choose to save cost by buying used certified laptops than go for new ones.

We have been able to grow from just a staff to 10staffs, supplying gadgets to the 36 states in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya. We hope to expand to the US and scale up since the market here encourages only C2C and small scale B2C.

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