Jargon’s Enterprise platform allows an organization to exponentially
reduce costs, increase retention and productivity, and eliminate
asymmetrical information regarding what each candidate offers and
where they best fit within an organization for optimum talent allocation.

The solution is instant, accurate, and user-friendly to allow an
organization to achieve its D&I goals. Jargon’s Veteran platform is
designed for veterans to craft their resumes, generate interview talking
points, and find their ideal career paths. This tool is fast, easy to use, and
informative to help veterans find their next career.

This is all possible due to the artificial intelligence that breaks down a
candidate’s credentials across millions of data points using deep machine
learning and non-linear thinking. Predictive analytics then takes that
candidate and matches them to best fit open opportunities within an
organization for efficiency and efficacy. Articles, videos, and tutorials help
with the interviewing process along the way for a frictionless hiring
process from application stage to official hire.

Jargon can be used as a standalone service or in conjunction with
existing HR software. Users can simply upload a resume, or manually
input information on a candidate if desired, and have the technology do
the rest.

Jargon is veteran owned to provide authentic insight in bridging the gap
between organizations and veterans. This stems from a desire to change
the flaws in the current systems we have seen and experienced firsthand.
We believe that by helping organizations through our technology,
we can provide the most impact to help veterans find meaningful
employment and fulfilling work to prevent unemployment,
underemployment, homelessness, and suicide in the veteran community.

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