J. Margaret Weaver

After more than a decade of struggling to find classic, high quality, and easy-to-care for professional work clothing and accessories, KaLeena Thomas decided to stop shopping and start the solution. In January 2021, she launched J. Margaret Weaver, a brand specializing in simple and smart work clothing for women.  Her vision is to empower and simplify life for women by streamlining the first decision you make every day – what am I going to wear?  

The concept for J. Margaret Weaver came to KaLeena after spending years scouring stores and websites to try and find classic, work-appropriate clothing and accessories. After becoming a mom, KaLeena had even less time to spend on shopping, laundry, and getting ready in the morning, and wanted a simple “uniform” to pull out every day.  She started by enlisting a group of like-minded women for input to create the first pieces in the collection.  After launching on Kickstarter, J. Margaret Weaver continued to grow during 2021.

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